Agro Capital Management news about change locating

Since April 09, 2014 Agro Capital Management LLC is located in Kyiv, Ukraine at the address 01034, Ukraine, Kyiv, 13/2 Yaroslaviv Val Street, litera B. ACM LLC does business at the whole territory of Ukraine, except for the South of the country.  The general business model of Company has not changed, but ACM LLC has updated its product list and currently provides financial resources for purchasing tractors and attachments, agricultural machinery equipment, greenhouses, job-dedicated machinery and cold storage equipment.  

In period of June, 2012 "Agro Capital Management" has signed the first "pilot" sale contracts for the tractors.

Two farmers became owners of new tractors named "Belarus 892", and some applications are in the process of approval and registration.

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Agro Capital Management introducing to its clients a new supplier of greenhouses Adama-Consalt.

Adama-Consalt is offering film greenhouses in block or tunnel shapes. These greenhouses are made in Israel and conform to the modern international agricultural standards. The skeleton of the greenhouses are made through hot galvanizing, which increases the quality of the skeleton beyond traditionally made simple skeletons which are made by painting the steel rods. An entire construction is put together using bolted joints, which gives the unprecedented mobility.

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Agro Capital Management has begun collaboration with an international non-profit organization KIVA.

In April, negotiations and preparatory efforts have been concluded between Agro Capital Management and the biggest international microfinance platform KIVA. Representatives of both parties have agreed to place the first microloan application of Agro Capital Management client on to the KIVA’s website (

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