Agro Capital Management introducing to its clients a new supplier of greenhouses Adama-Consalt.

Adama-Consalt is offering film greenhouses in block or tunnel shapes. These greenhouses are made in Israel and conform to the modern international agricultural standards. The skeleton of the greenhouses are made through hot galvanizing, which increases the quality of the skeleton beyond traditionally made simple skeletons which are made by painting the steel rods. An entire construction is put together using bolted joints, which gives the unprecedented mobility.

The supplier is offering a 15 year warranty on the construction of the greenhouse and 3 years or more on the film. The greenhouses can sustain a wind pressure of up to 147 km/h and weight of snow of up to 25 kilograms/square meter. The greenhouse comes with the mosquito nets on the windows. The installation is carried out by qualified professionals in duration of 30-45 days. The process of the greenhouse construction starts with the selection of the crop o be grown and ends with the agronomy consulting services for an entire growth period.

Demo units of the greenhouses are available in the village of Vodino of Kamenko-Dneprovskiy in Zaporozhkoe area. Any questions regarding organization of the group trips for the farmers which would like to take a look at the demo models can contact Agro Capital Management. Phone number and address of Adama-Consalt can be found under “Suppliers”.