In period of June, 2012 "Agro Capital Management" has signed the first "pilot" sale contracts for the tractors.

Two farmers became owners of new tractors named "Belarus 892", and some applications are in the process of approval and registration.


"There are many clients of "Agro Capital Management" and Ukrainian Horticulture Development Project, who constantly asks about tractor purchase with our assistance“. It is clear that people need this type of equipment, so our company started to design a new financing ("Tractors")”, - said Oleg Osaulyuk, General Director of "Agro Capital Management".

There was presentation for the Board of Directors after careful analysis of the proposals, legal registration challenges and negotiation with suppliers.

Contracts were signed with the leading suppliers of agricultural machinery in Ukraine, who have developed the network of branches across the country and offers a wide range of agricultural equipment and service.

According to Mustafa Osmanov, the manager of suppliers, the presented financing product of "Tractors" corresponds to the "Agro Capital Management" purpose to assist the Ukrainian farming, because the simplicity of paperwork, flexible repayment terms and the reasonable services cost make the available and favorable tractors purchasing under "Agro Capital Management" assistance. And the client feedback confirms this statement.