Vladimir Kutsipak

I have acquired a greenhouse with the help of Agro Capital Management (ACM). I am very happy with this acquisition and since then I have acquired another greenhouse. I then joined the two greenhouses to make a one large greenhouse of 10 by 100 meters. The structure of the greenhouse is very modern and reliable. Winter, wind or no wind, I am not worried: the wind cannot passthrough, this greenhouse does not even move in the wind. People who have old greenhouses are always concerned; they check on their greenhouses all the time for a structural damage, but I have no problems. My greenhouse is even protecting the harvest from the hale during the summer; I am one hundred percent confident about the safety of my crop.

When you come inside the greenhouse it is quiet and warm. The difference in temperature between greenhouse and outside is 5C. This year we had -25C during the winter and in the greenhouse it was -20C. Under agrocovers, with which our grape crops were covered, it was -15C. It is very significant difference in temperature, I am very confident that grapes will survive the winter. The soil inside the greenhouse practically never freezes. The means to pay for the greenhouse I receive from the sale of the harvest which I grow inside of the greenhouse. In one year a greenhouse pays for itself. If you use the greenhouse as intended; plant plants which already bear a crop, than the means of repayment increases even faster. In this greenhouse I already had a grape which produced a crop.

The greenhouse can be paid off in a year if you grow vegetables too. If you make a second insulation layer by adding a second film wrapping around the warehouse, the temperature inside the greenhouse would rise, yielding an earlier crop of vegetables, which gives a very good income. Also, you have to consider that you can grow two crop yields in a year: one in the fall and the other in the spring. In any case, you can re-coup your investment in a year. After the greenhouse is paid for, you can use it for many years to come. The film which insulates the warehouse has a useful life expectancy of five years. The useful life expectancy of structural skeleton of the greenhouse practically never expires. The interest rates for the financing are very low, practically no extra payments beyond the cost of the greenhouse. The application process and underwriting is very quick, there are no delays, no bureaucratic nuances. We are very happy!

Vladimir Kutsipak, a farming project leader, from Novodneprovka, Kamensk-Dneprovsk area, Zaporizhya region.