Vitaliy Kraynyk

Vitaliy is a beginner Ukrainian farmer. He recently moved from Russia to his grandmother's village in his homeland. He decided to get involved in what was to his liking. Currently, he is able to grow potatoes and strawberries well. It is difficult to start this business without helpers and machinery. Vitaliy has a daughter, who is 20 years old and attends an institute. She can only help her parents on her days off. We know that growing potatoes is a long and labor-intensive process. Prior to sowing, the soil has to plowed, then lifted, sprayed and weeded. It is hard for Vitaliy and his wife to handle this work, but expensive to hire workers. This is why purchasing farming machinery, plow, and potato digger would significantly ease the work and speed up the process of growing this crop. And straw or plastic sheets are needed for the strawberries. Vitaliy's plans include a greenhouse for strawberries and vegetables, such as tomatoes and cucumbers, and also purchasing refrigerated equipment for storing the produce. Helping Vitaliy with the purchase of machinery, we speed up achievement of his personal plans of buying a new car for transporting product to markets and, thus, receive our Ukrainian product!