About Agro Capital Management

Agro Capital Management

ACM's mission is to facilitate provision of agro technology goods to the Ukrainian agriculture entrepreneurs so that they can develop their businesses, increase incomes, create jobs and improve livelihoods of their families and communities.

ACM provides Agro Technology Asset Packages to landholder farmers and agricultural businesses in The Autonomous Republic of Crimea and the Ukrainian oblasts of Zhaporizhzhya and Kherson. We provide the necessary means to help small and medium scale farmers, and small agro-businesses achieve their goals of increased revenues. 

ACM contributes to the market linkages between suppliers and farmers in the form of financing, allowing farmers to purchase products designed specifically for small business and household farms. We can arrange everything a farmer would need to grow berries or table grapes while also supplying affordable greenhouses and cold storage units. A full list of our products can be found on our product page.

ACM works on a lease to own model so that the goods purchased by the farmer are installed and functional prior to receiving payment. All contracts are broken up into suitable monthly payments that optimize the farmer’s ability to pay, and all products are supplied by local agricultural businesses that cater to the specific needs of the Ukrainian farmer.

ACM is a leading provider of Agro Technology Asset Packages in Ukraine because we understand the needs of the Ukrainian agricultural community and seek to cater our products and services in order to help other’s grow.