The applicant must be aged 18 or over

A citizen or landed immigrant of Ukraine and legally residing in Ukraine, the applicant must possess a valid Ukrainian state-issued identification document confirming their status (passport or resident card)

The applicant must reside within Ukraine (verified by a home-visit, though not necessarily by an official housing reference).

The applicant must have legal custody of agricultural land to be used in the ATAP, proof that the land is owned by a living family member, or proof of a long-term lease or rental agreement;

The applicant must operate his or her own business, and must possess any documentation required by Ukrainian law for the lawful operation of the business

The applicant must have maintained a good credit history (i.e. the applicant must not have previously defaulted on a credit from ACM or from another financial or sales institution, or have otherwise failed to perform his/her duties as a client).

At least one year of experience in agriculture or agricultural business;


Preferred, but not required: Registered participant in the MEDA Ukraine Horticulture Development Project (as an Agri-Business Representatives or Small Holder Farmer).