Types of loans

We provide loans suitable to individual small and medium land holder farmers as well as small agribusinesses but what if you do not meet ACM’s criteria for an individual loan? This is where our new group loan packages come into play that allow for those farmers that would normally not have enough collateral to come together and purchase our products through a group loan package.

When asking yourself how many people need to be in your group? The answer is entirely up to you, it is the role of the group to decide upon membership qualifications as long as all the members of the group know of each other's business practices and know each other well enough to trust.

You and your community can gather your resources to purchase our products in order to expand your own farms by planting berries or investing a greenhouse. A communal investment such as this can improve the lives of everyone involved, ask us if a Group Loan is right for your community.

ACM understands that every farmer’s individual situation is different with different demands, different capabilities and different capital requirements. This is why ACM creates a loan repayment schedule that is right for you. A loan repayment can be spread out evenly during each month over the 2 or 3 year lease or can be focused around your schedule so that you can pay off the bulk of your lease when you generate the most income during the harvest season.