Why ACM is right for you

ACM has been working with small and medium land holder farmers in southern Ukraine since March 2009. We have made a large commitment to the agricultural community and by heavily investing in the region, we have dedicated ourselves to insure sustained long term growth, together with the agricultural community.

ACM sells everything needed for the aspiring agricultural entrepreneur to improve their lives through growth in their business. Providing entire packages for the production of several varieties of berries and table grapes as well as the means to grow them. All payments are then deferred over the course of a lease that is agreed upon between ACM and you.

The advantages of financing are clear. With the help of ACM, if you wish to purchase a greenhouse, instead of paying a onetime upfront lump sum you can disperse your payments over a longer period of time. Thereby placing less stress on you financially and giving you the peace of mind that you will begin to immediately increase your quality of life.

If you do not meet our eligibility requirements, it is possible that you and others in your community can band together to apply for a group loan. By working together with your community, all the people involved can improve and expand their farming practices. Please contact us for more information on group loans.

ACM is already the leading supplier of financing to small and medium land holder farmers in southern Ukraine because we understand the unique financing needs of farmers. By catering to these particular needs we seek to provide the utmost satisfaction with our services