Business Model

ACM is careful to screen every potential client thoroughly and extensively during their application process. Necessitating concrete future plans for their business, full and reliable credit information and all necessary documents for title of land.

ACM understands the Ukrainian farmer’s unique situation in terms of land ownership and we cater to those needs. ACM practices due financial diligence and concedes itself to an external financial audit every three months that subscribes to international financial reporting standards.

There is currently a ban on the sale of agricultural land in Uraine that has been in place since for two decades. This places unique strain on small land holder farmers as they often have to lease or illegally purchase land in order to expand their operations. Hurdles such as these have been normalized into the Ukrainian agricultural way of life and are well understood by the finance sector catering to farmers. As a result ACM places great focus and scrutiny on farmers title to land to ensure a fair client/financier relationship.

We understand that simply providing financing for products to farmers is not enough, the products themselves have to be of the highest quality to ensure the greatest rate of return. This is why ACM partners with local suppliers of the highest quality. Suppliers are under constant scrutiny by ACM staff and must constantly be reevaluated to ensure that they operating at top industry standards while providing top quality products. In the use of local suppliers to serve local farmers there is the added benefit of improving many different areas of the southern Ukrainian economy.

For this is ACM's ultimate goal, to grow with the surrounding community and not off of it.