Corporate Social Responsibility

Creating Shared Value/ How ACM affects the community positively/ triple bottom line (People, Planet, Profit)

ACM recognizes that the competitiveness of our company is only as good as the economic health of the community it supports. This is why we believe in creating shared value by providing the best possible price for our goods. Our method of business fairly and honestly incorporates farmers, small businesses and local suppliers into the value chain. In our businesses practices we hold the community, their environment and our profit in equal regard when making business decisions. No decision is made without first understanding the impact it would have on the community.

ACM operates on the premise of creating shared value, any profit that is made from the community was done so by initially investing in the community through our stringent business plan. Consequently we invests in the people of the local community in order for both ourselves and our clients become profitable in the process.

ACM is also a direct partner of the Ukraine Horticulture Development Project whose focus is on income generation and market linkages. We work part and parcel with UHDP to achieve the same goals.