The Loan Process of prospective clients

ACM practices due diligence in all its lending practices and only provides loans to those farmers that grant a high rate of return in profit and social impact. When a prospective client expresses interest in ACM we inform them that we need a concrete business plan of what they are currently producing and what they aim to produce in the future. During the application process prospective clients are interviewed and inspected on site by our sales agents to ensure truth in the application process. Along with a completed application form ACM requires full and reliable credit information along with a title or lease to the land that they will be farming.

Within the developing world small loans to small businesses and to groups of borrowers located in their respective communities have become the norm for finance institutions. Focusing on these types of small loans is an essential part of poverty reduction strategies.

ACM's primary focus is on individual small and medium land holder farmers and small agricultural business but ACM also provides the possibility of sales to organized groups of clients who individually lack enough asset based collateral, but together form a solid collective enterprise that would jointly operate for the betterment of the entire group. The group itself facilitates their own members and who is to have membership, it is important that the group consists of individuals that are well known to each other as they become stronger clients overall.

The restrictions and policing of groups are just as timely and strict as for our individual clients and are set out in our sales policy which can be requested by contacting us.